When do I receive my checks?
The payout dates for all affiliates are the 8th and the 22nd of each month. Payout on the 8th is for all sales from the 1st through the 15th of the previous month and the payout on the 22nd covers the 16th through the end of the previous month. 


Where do I go to view my stats? 
Your stats are located on iBill's CMI, To view stats:

On the signup form, there is a "state" field, but My country does not have states, what can I do?

If your country does not have states, you must enter N/A in the "state" field on the RevSharer signup form. CLICK HERE to signup.

I wish to join your affiliate program, but I do not have a website, what can I do?

If you wish to take advantage of the money making opportunity of our affiliate program but do not have a website, we can have a customized entry page made for you. What this means, is that you will get your own entry page to our website, which will contain your linking code. All visitors who enter through that particular URL will be credited to you. All you have to do, is simply promote your URL of CLICK HERE for more details.

I wish to promote the program in magazines and newspapers, but my linking code is way too long, Is it possible to get a shorter link?

Yes, Simply send us an e-mail at:, along with your username, and we will set-up a customized URL for you, such as the following:

Can I link directly to the Affiliate signup form?

Yes, simply use the following linking code, replacing username with your actual username.


Can I link directly to the Order Page?

Yes, simply use the following linking code, replacing username with your actual username.


What is SPAM?

Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Email SPAM targets individual users with direct mail messages and costs the sender very little to send. Most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender. does not condone the use of SPAM and the sending of unsolicited email in any form, nor do we control other web sites involvement and/or practices in this area. 

Any affiliate caught spamming WILL have their account terminated.
For a more illustrative description of Spam, please visit the website:

Who do I contact if I have forgotten my Affiliate username and/or password. 
If you cannot remember your username and password, please e-mail:


How do I save the banners?

Right click on the banner you wish to save, then click "save as"

Save this onto your computer, then simply insert onto your web page.


Can I use my same linking code on different websites/URLS's?
Yes absolutely, you can place our banners and your unique URL on any site you wish. You don't need to sign up again ever. You can use your code on as many websites, URL's, domains or webpages that you like, there is no need to sign up for each website individually. In fact, we recommend placing our banners and your linking code on as many websites as you can, the more places you have the banners up, the more money you'll make! 


What types of websites can I place your banners on?
You can place our banners on any type of website you like. Adult paysites, Adult freesites, Pic Posts TGP's, Link lists, Informational sites, even high traffic home pages. If you have the traffic and sales to send, then we have the money to pay you!



If you have any questions, that are not answered here, please contact us by clicking HERE

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